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Nearly half of shoppers seek products where meat is the #1 ingredient1

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64% of dog parents say it’s important to buy pet products made in the USA2

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FDM dog treat shoppers reported that Tiny Loves packaging conveyed the attributes they value most:3
High Quality

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Dog parents who shop in FDM retailers perceived Tiny Loves to be a more enjoyable treat for their dogs than leading competitors3

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1 MarketPlace Survey, February 2018 2 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey 3 MarketPlace Survey, 2020

  • Dogs ♥︎ Jerky Treats

    Farmland Traditions jerky treats for dogs are made with limited ingredients, are free from grains, soy, corn, and fillers, and are full of the flavorful proteins dogs love.

    Available in a variety of sizes.

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  • Tiny Loves™

    Tiny Loves™ all-natural jerky treats for dogs pack big flavor in every chewy bite. With only 2 calories per treat, these American-made, limited ingredient morsels are ideal for treating, training, or topping.

    Available in 5 oz, 6 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz.

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  • Simple Snacks

    A variety of treats for a variety of occasions, Farmland Traditions jerky treats are now available in an even greater variety of proteins with fun-sized portions, all made in the USA.

    Available in a variety of sizes.

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  • Classic Jerky Treats

    Our classic treats capture our sustaining commitment to limited-ingredient treats dogs enjoy, made in the USA.

    Available in 32 oz and 48 oz.

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